This post is as much about adding an image to a “live” Markdown document (this blog post), as it is about my docker-bootstrap workflow.

The workflow is perhaps best described and summarized in a diagram I recently created, and exported to a PDF. It should be self-explanatory, and with any luck you can see it below…

Posting an “inline” image into a Markdown document is pretty easy using syntax like this:

![alt text]( "Logo Title Text 1")

But, does that work if the “image” is a PDF? Let’s see… nope, not directly.

So the trick appears to be coding the “image” in raw HTML, with a download option for browsers that don’t support PDF display, like so:

<object data="" type="application/pdf" width="1000px" height="700px">
    <embed src="">
        <p>This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: <a href="">Download PDF</a>.</p>

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

But in the case of a Github hosted PDF, that also does not work as I get a Blocked by Content Security Policy error for the PDF portion of the page, or at best, my browser is unable to display the PDF so I see the line/paragraph above this one.

So what next? I reverted back to Markdown syntax referencing a .png copy of the diagram instead of the PDF:


That appears to work nicely! Two things to note…

  • Be sure you reference the “raw” copy of the diagram from Github, not the “blob” that’s displayed on the repo’s Github page.
  • I used to create and export this diagram. When I export it as a .png I have to be sure to include a 20 pixel “border”, otherwise my image has no margins and looks really bad in a browser with a dark page background.

And that’s a wrap. Until next time…