So I have my Atom config stored in a Github repo so that I can easily keep Atom in-sync between the various platforms I use here and at home. Today I added the atom-shell-commands package to my Atom config and have configured it with a “command” that takes care of updating my blog when I add a new post (like this one).

The command configuration in my .atom/config.cson looks like this:

  commands: [
      name: "Update My Blog"
      command: "./"
        cwd: "{ProjectDir}"
        keymap: 'ctrl-2'
        save: "True"

The ./ script referenced in the configuration contains:

  cd ~/Projects/blogs-McFateM
  docker image build -t blog-update .
  docker login
  docker tag blog-update mcfatem/blogs-mcfatem:latest
  docker push mcfatem/blogs-mcfatem:latest

If you’re reading this from my blog site then it must be working because I used the new command to push this content to the site!

And that’s a wrap. Until next time…