I realized today that I previously documented how to “begin” a blog like this using Docksal to assist, but I failed to remind myself how to make structural/programming changes to it now that it is well-established. Since I’d like to add BleveSearch to this blog, and similar sites, I need to make some “structural” changes, and I want to do so locally before pushing them to production.

The process of making updates like this is basically:

  1. Open a local terminal and navigate to this project. In my case that means cd ~/Projects/blogs-McFateM.
  2. If there’s no ./themes folder here I need to add one and populate it like so: mkdir themes && cd $_; git clone https://github.com/digitalcraftsman/hugo-minimalist-theme.git.
  3. Now, do a fin up to get Docksal restarted. This will provide a local address where you can access the project in a browser, but it WILL NOT WORK!
  4. So do fin develop to get it re-started properly in our Hugo environment. Just remember that your terminal/shell is running the local development copy, so you have to execute a CTRL-c in the terminal to terminate it.

And that’s a wrap. Until next time…