I just returned from 12-days of vacation and travel that took me unexpectedly to Paris and northern Finland, and as-expected to Norway (nearly all of it), and Iceland (expected, but not as promised). Since this is a professional blog I won’t elaborate here, but look for my “personal” blog at https://blog.summittdweller.com/posts/, a perpetual work-in-progress. I will briefly comment on two things:

  1. It IS possible to work remotely from Europe, and even from a cruise at sea, but I found it difficult to be really productive. We cruised aboard the MS Finnmarken, a Hutigruten working-boat cruise (they also ferry mail, small cargo, and vehicles between coastal cities, so we made port perhaps 20 times) for 5 days from Kirkenes to Bergen along the coast of Norway. The Wi-Fi on the ship was great for most things, but not suitable for sustained SSH connections like the one I require to effectively work in remote locations. SSH was supported, but only for periods of about 5 minutes at a time…not long enough to connect and get a lot done.

  2. I will NEVER use the services of Iceland Air again. Consult my personal blog to read my litany of issues.

Apart from all of the issues with Iceland Air, I had a great time and would return again to Norway in a heartbeat. In fact, if I had the means to relocate myself and my family, I think I’d jump at the chance to do so.

And that’s a wrap. Until next time…