Debugging ISLE on a Mac

This guidance applies to debugging PHP code in a local ISLE-ld, that’s http://isle.localdomain, instance using PHPStorm.

Modify ISLE’s docker-compose.override.yml

Before engaging PHPStorm we need to make one change to our ISLE-ld configuration by running a docker cp command, making a change to our docker-compose.override.yml file, and restarting the stack. Here are the commands and procedure.

Workstation Commands
cd ~/Projects/ISLE
mkdir -p persistent/html
docker cp isle-apache-ld:/var/www/html/. ./persistent/html

The above commands will make a new ./persistent/html directory on the host, if one does not already exist, and the docker cp command will copy the current contents of the Apache container’s /var/www/html directory to the host. Next we need to modify docker-compose.override.yml to map the ./persistent/html directory into the container.

On the host, open docker-compose.override.yml in your favorite editor and remove comments from the three lines that read:

  •   apache:
  •     volumes:
  •       ./persistent/html:/var/www/html # necessary for PHPStorm debugging!
Proper indentation in docker-compose.override.yml, like all .yml files, is CRITICAL! There should be 2 spaces (one tab) at the start of the apache: line, 4 spaces before volumes:, and 6 spaces before .persistent....

Having saved the modified docker-compose.override.yml file, restart things by doing the following.

Workstation Commands
cd ~/Projects/ISLE
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

In a minute or two your http://isle.localdomain should be back up and running, and ready for debugging in PHPStorm.

PHPStorm Configuration

In the PHPStorm menu go to: Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Debug > DBGp Proxy and set the following settings:

Host: `docker.for.mac.localhost`
Port: `9009`

Next, we need to configure a server. This is how PHPStorm will map the file paths in your local system to the ones in your container.

The following is a ONE TIME procedure. If you’ve already done this then all you need to do is select the PHPStorm project, one you created and named earlier, from the PHPStorm splash screen.

  • From the PHPStorm splash screen choose Create New Project from Existing Files. Click Next.
  • CRITICALpay attention to this! Select Source files are in a local directory, no Web server is yet configured.. Click Next.
  • A directory map of your host should appear. Navigate in this map to your ISLE project, the folder where your docker-compose.yml file exists. There should also be a ./persistent/html folder there from steps we took in the previous section. Choose the html folder, click Project Root, then click Finish.
  • You now have a new “local” project named html.
  • Relax a little while your PHPStorm project is indexed for the first time.

Launching a Web Debug Session

Once you’re all setup and have your PHPStorm project open…

  • Set breakpoints in your code, toggle Start listening for PHP connections on (the green/red telephone icon). When turned on the red parts of the icon turn green.
  • Open the Run menu in PHPStorm and look near the bottom of the window for the Break at first line in PHP scripts option. Ensure that it is toggled ON so that your debug session will encouter at least one breakpoint.
  • Now open your browser and navigate to your site (mine is http://isle.localdomain).
  • In PHPStorm you may see a pop-up window titled Incoming Connection from XDebug. Click Accept.
  • If everything is working properly your PHPStorm Debug window pane will open and if you click the Debugger tab you’ll see your index.php code and a cursor with the first line of code highlighted, usually: define('DRUPAL_ROOT', getcwd());.

Debugging CLI (aka Drush) Commands

Visit the PHPStorm menu Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Servers and add a server named Docker with the following parameters:

  • Host: docker.for.mac.localhost
  • Port: 80
  • Debugger: Xdebug
  • Use path mappings: Checked
    • File/Directory: /Users/mark/ISLE-ld/html
    • Absolute path on server: /var/www/html

Open a terminal into the isle-apache-ld container and run export PHP_IDE_CONFIG=serverName=Docker to complete the configuration.

Set breakpoints in your Drush code and run any drush command in the same isle-apache-ld terminal with debug listening toggled on in PHPStorm.

And that’s a wrap. Until next time…