While working on another post I finally made the decision to improve the appearance of this blog a bit, and unfortunately I’d forgotten exactly how to do that. Even more unfortunate, I never blogged about the process so I had to “discover” the details all over again. 😢 This post is intended to remedy that.


The theme used here, m10c, employs .scss, or SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) files. Subsequently, a SASS compiler is required to process them and produce suitable .css to control the display you see now.

Since I use Atom for all of my maintenance and content here, it only made sense to create a workflow that would make compilation of .scss changes automatic. Doing so on each of my Mac’s involved these simple steps:

  • Install SASS - I used homebrew from the command line based on guidance found here, like so: brew install sass/sass/sass
  • Install the atom-sass package in Atom per the guidance provided with the package.

That’s it. Now, when I edit my ~/Projects/blogs-McFateM/assets/css/_extra.scss file using Atom and save the changes, the corresponding .css is automatically created for me.

Now, I need to research the techniques found in this post about Hugo with SASS and this subsequent post about including SASS variables from config.toml and figure out how to make them work for me. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to make my atom-sass recognize config variables from my config.toml file yet. 😏 I probably need to study this Hugo pipes document too.


Also… I’ve forgotten more than once to document the super-simple Emoji capabilities of Hugo and the handy cheatsheet available at https://www.webfx.com/tools/emoji-cheat-sheet/. Not forgotten anymore. Now, just don’t forget to add enableEmoji = true to your config.toml, and emoji: true to the frontmatter of your posts!

And that’s a wrap. Until next time…