None of this is my creation, but it’s too valuable to forget! So kudos to Goran Nikolovski and his blog post.

The problem I ran into involved the Drupal update.php script, and an orphaned bit of configuration data. When I tried running update.php the first of 13 pending database updates kept throwing an exception telling me of a missing plugin, and that effectively killed the other 12 updates. 😦 Well, I really didn’t care that it was missing (and Drupal should not either) because the update was there to delete it, but since the update kept failing, we had ourselves an impossible loop.

The first technique in Goran’s post worked for me. Specifically, it suggested I visit the /admin/config/development/configuration/single/export page in my site, select Configuration type of Action in my case, then the errant Configuration name, and at the bottom of the screen I could now see the full path to that configuration item. Goran’s first technique then uses drush to wash that config item away. In my case the command was:

drush config-delete system.action.auto_nodetitle_update_action

Bingo! This did the trick and enabled update.php to run without exception.

And that’s a wrap. Until next time…