As promised in post 037, this post combines elements of post 021 with updated post 034 to create a “customized” local ISLE instance with features of Digital.Grinnell. In this November 2019 update I’m building the repository on my MacBook ma7053 using ISLE-1.3.0. The target of this endeavor will be a properly populated Digital.Grinnell custom Islandora code repository featuring ISLE-1.3.0 code.

Process Overview

I believe the process I need to engage here can be outlined like this:

  1. Repeat or follow-up on post 034. Assuming a successful test of the site produced in that post, the next steps will include…

  2. Move to post 21 and complete the following steps, in order:

- [Installing the DG Theme](/posts/021-rebuilding-isle-ld/#installing-the-dg-theme)
- [Install the Islandora Multi-Importer (IMI)](/posts/021-rebuilding-isle-ld/#install-the-islandora-multi-importer-IMI)
- [Install the Missing Backup and Migrate Module](/posts/021-rebuilding-isle-ld/#install-the-missing-backup-and-migrate-module)
- [Backup and Restore the Database Using Backup and Migrate](/posts/021-rebuilding-isle-ld/#backup-and-restore-the-database-using-backup-and-migrate)
- [Restore Results...Lots of Warnings](/posts/021-rebuilding-isle-ld/#restore-results-lots-of-warnings)
- [Installing the Missing Islandora/Custom Bits](/posts/021-rebuilding-isle-ld/#installing-the-missing-islandora-custom-bits)
- [Temporarily Eliminate Warnings](/posts/021-rebuilding-isle-ld/#temporarily-eliminate-warnings)  

Note: Many of these steps should be moved to new, and existing, Granular ISLE Customization: Series Guidelines posts.

  1. Repeat a process similar to Step 11: Check-In the Newly Created Islandora Drupal Site Code Into Your Git Repository, with an aim of updating the dg-islandora repository.

– Breaking here for DrupalCorn Camp on 5-Nov-2019

The remainder of this document is hidden from public view pending a substantial update.