Granular ISLE Customization
This post provides guidelines for a series of posts describing Digital.Grinnell customizations to ISLE, in a “granular” format… one small customization at a time.

Using the Granular ISLE Customization Posts

There are just a couple of notes regarding the subject posts that I’d like to pass along to make them more useful.

  • Gists - You will find a few places in this series where I generated a gist to take the place of lengthy command output. Instead of a long stream of text you’ll find a simple link to a gist like this.

  • Workstation Commands - There are lots of places in this series where I’ve captured a sequence of commands along with output from those commands in block text. Generally speaking, after each such block you will find a Workstation Commands table that can be used to conveniently copy and paste the necessary commands directly into your workstation. The tables look something like this:

Workstation Commands
cd ~/Projects
git clone
git checkout -b ld
  • Apache Container Commands - Similar to Workstation Commands, a tabulated list of commands may appear with a heading of Apache Container Commands. *Commands in such tables can be copied and pasted into your command line terminal, but ONLY after you have opened a shell into the Apache container. The asterisk (*) at the end of the table heading is there to remind you of this! See the next section of this document for additional details. These tables looks something like this:
Apache Container Commands*
cd /var/www/html/sites/all/modules/contrib
drush dl backup_migrate
drush -y en backup_migrate

Opening a Shell in the Apache Container

This is something I find myself doing quite often during ISLE configuration, so here’s a reminder of how I generally do this…

╭─markmcfate@ma8660 ~/Projects/public-isle ‹ruby-2.3.0› ‹ld*›
╰─$ docker exec -it isle-apache-ld bash
root@9bec4edd3964:/# cd /var/www/html
Workstation Commands
cd ~/Projects/public-isle
docker exec -it isle-apache-ld bash

The Granular ISLE Customization Series

That’s all we need in terms of guidelines. I hope you find the series useful!

Posts in the Granular ISLE Customization series include:

Granular ISLE Customization: Series GuidelinesThis document.
Granular ISLE Customization: Installing IMIInstructions for installing IMI, the Islandora Multi-Importer module, and a robust sample of TWIG templating.
Granular ISLE Customization: Implementing IMI HooksGuidance to build your own IMI hook implementations to improve the Islandora Multi-Importer.
Granular ISLE Customization: Installing the DG ThemeGuidance to install and configure the digital_grinnell_bootstrap theme.
Granular ISLE Customization: Installing DG7Some brief notes about installation of Digital.Grinnell’s DG7 module…where all the hooks live.