Granular ISLE Customization
This post is part of a series describing Digital.Grinnell customizations to ISLE, in a “granular” format… one small customization at a time.
An index of all documents in this series is included at the end of Granular ISLE Customization: Series Guidelines.

Goal Statement

In this “granular” post we will install Digital.Grinnell’s custom-built theme, namely digital_grinnell_bootstrap. The experience documented here involves an existing ISLE instance created using Building ISLE 1.3.0 (ld) for Local Development.


The install and config process was simply this stream of commands entered directly into the running Apache container:

Apache Container Commands*
cd /var/www/html/sites/all/themes
git clone
chown -R islandora:www-data *
cd bootstrap
git checkout 7.x-3.x
drush -y en bootstrap
mkdir -p /var/www/html/sites/default/themes
cd /var/www/html/sites/default/themes
git clone
chown -R islandora:www-data *
cd digital_grinnell_bootstrap
drush -y pm-enable digital_grinnell_bootstrap
drush vset theme_default digital_grinnell_bootstrap

Using git submodule Rather Than git clone

If the git clone... commands here report errors consider changing them to git submodule add... commands. Using git clone inside of a Git repo can lead to problems down-the-line.

Tweaking the Local Site

Success! The theme is in place and active on my dg.localdomain local site. Just a couple more tweaks here…

I visited https://dg.localdomain/#overlay=admin/appearance/settings/digital_grinnell_bootstrap and made sure ONLY the following boxes are checked:

  • Logo
  • Shortcut Icon
  • Use the default logo
  • Use the default shortcut icon

All other theme settings should be default values and need not be changed.

The other tweak… visit https://dg.localdomain/#overlay=admin/structure/block and turn the Search form OFF by setting its block region to -None-. Make sure you save these changes.

It Works!

A visit to the site with a refresh showed that this worked!

And that’s a wrap. Until next time…