For some time now Digital.Grinnell has been using ISLE in production, with an instance that was built from a “non-standard” workflow, one that was a little different than the Git workflow established in the ISLE install docs. Consequently, DG’s situation is a little different than what’s documented for ISLE, so my mission here is to describe and execute the steps I’m taking to get back into the documented workflow.

The steps will involve and achieve the following:

  • Establish a working, local instance of my production DG site with an ISLE-1.3.0 code base.
  • Create (or find) and run a script to remove all bits of past Git workflows from the working local instance.
  • Follow the Git workflow steps of and to create NEW dg-isle and dg-islandora projects from the working, local DG. These are the yourprojectnamehere-isle and yourprojectnamehere-islandora pieces mentioned in the documents.

The following ISLE Workflows presentation from one of the ICG’s recent events should prove useful in this adventure.