Once upon a time this blog had an address of https://static.grinnell.edu/blogs/McFateM and it used a theme called M10c. Well, what was once is once again. If you read my New Blog Style and Features post you can learn a little more of this blog’s “interim” history.

By the way, if you’re reading this post at https://dlad.summittdweller.com, then you’re missing out. If you are looking at that old blog you probably see something more like this:


Please jump to https://static.grinnell.edu/blogs/McFateM and catch up as quick as you can! I think you’ll be happier in the end, I know I will.

Why Move Back?

Zzo was (still is) a great theme, and over time you should see some elements of it creeping back into this blog. But Zzo switched (in December 2019) from using Lunr.js for search, to using Fuse.js. Fuse.js is also great, but it’s “fuzzy”, and I found that what I really needed is a more robust and flexible “exact” search capability.

You see, I knew there were several instances of phrases like docker exec -it isle-apache-dg bash in my blog posts from the past, but I didn’t know which posts to look in, and Fuse.js was no help. So I switched back to my “old” blog style, the one you’re reading now (I hope), and found that good ol’ reliable M10c with Lunr.js works nicely. It’s not as flashy as Zzo or Fuse.js, but it works!

What’s to Come?

Like I said above, over time you should see elements of Zzo and my “interim” blog, https://dlad.summittdweller.com, creeping back into this blog. As that happens I will do my best to document those changes here, or at least compile an index of new blog posts here, to complete this tale.

And it’s time to do some real work… I’ll be back to share more here soon. 😄