This post is an addendum to an earlier post, Local ISLE Installation: Migrate Existing Islandora Site - with Annotations, where I exhaustively documented my workflow for building a local/development instance of ISLE to mimic the behavoir of Digital.Grinnell.


The goal of this project is to present a repeatable, minimal set of instructions for spinning up a safe, stand-alone, local/development instance of ISLE on any Mac running OS X.


This document assumes the user will be spinning up https://dg.localdomain on a Mac with a suitable DG-FEDORA USB stick mounted and accessible. See my public gist for complete instructions regarding creation, updates and handling of such a USB stick. Additional prerequisites for running https://dg.localdomain can be found in ISLE documentation and in my DG-FEDORA: A Portable FEDORA Repository blog post.


Some of the scripts documented below may require login credentials including:

  • Your workstation (Mac) password, and

  • A username and password combination authorizing you to clone the Digital-Grinnell/dg-isle and Digital-Grinnell/dg-islandora private GitHub repositories.

    • These credentials can be found inside the Digital Grinnell Bits portion of the GC Libraries’ LastPass vault. The information is listed there under the name DG Private Repositories (dg-isle + dg-islandora).
    • Alternatively, you may obtain these credentials indirectly by emailing

Four RESTART Scripts

The process of spinning up a https://dg.localdomain stack has been boiled down to a sequence of roughly 20 necessary commands. While it would be possible to enter these commands sequentially into your workstation’s terminal, there is a much easier path. The commands have been captured in a series of bash scripts named,,, and

ScriptNumber of CommandsPurpose commandsThis script does all the heavy lifting. It creates and populates the necessary directory structure, clones project repositories, pull Docker images, and launches 7 containers that define a minimal ISLE stack.
RESTART-2.sh1 command repeated up to 10 times over a ten-minute spanThis script echoes the log file of the last command executed in
RESTART-3.sh4 commandsThis script imports a previously exported Drupal database, updates some dynamic components, and begins the process of indexing DG-FEDORA’s digital objects.
RESTART-4.sh2 commandsThis script wraps things up by recreating DG-FEDORA’s Solr index and flushing the Drupal caches.

All four scripts can be found on your DG-FEDORA USB stick.

Typical Use

With a DG-FEDORA USB stick properly mounted on your Mac, you simply need to open a terminal window and execute the following command sequence:

cd /Volumes/DG-FEDORA

DO NOT simply copy and paste these commands into your terminal! They need to be run one-at-a-time, in sequence, with execution of each command following successful completion of the previous command.


Each script will set your terminal background to black and subsequently provide output using the following color scheme:

CyanNormal output
YellowProgress or status messages
GreenSuccessful completion messages
MagentaPrompts and alerts. Pay particular attention to these!


This section of the document will be populated as issues are encountered. If you have a question or concern, or encounter any issues with this process please bring it to my attention by emailing Your experience and feedback will help shape this section for the benefit of others! Thank you!

And that’s a wrap. Until next time or until the feedback starts to roll in, whichever comes first…