A short time ago I moved this blog from DigitalOcean to Azure, and along the way I discovered that my search feature wasn’t working properly. That old search mechanism used Fuse, which has NO dependencies, but that old scheme used a Hugo theme component that I found difficult to properly maintain. So, as this blog was moving to Azure I elected to try something a little different with Fuse and found this gist to help get it done.

As of this writing, the new search is limited to just finding tag references, and sometimes a search will return a 404 error because of a bad path reference. If you try to search and get the 404 error have a look at the returned URL and if it reads like .../search/search?search-query... then you’ve got one too many instances of the term search. Remove that first /search term, including the slash in front of it, and hit return. The search should now return valid results.

Even if it appears that search is working, know that I’m still working on the feature and hope to make some improvements soon, like full-text search instead of just the tags or keyword search you now see.

That’s all… for now.