This morning I needed to do some bulk “find and replace” operations in most of my Rootstalk content. My first thought was to write and run a little Python script, but then I wondered what VSCode might bring to the table. Plenty, it brought plenty!

To keep this post as brief as possible, I’m simply going to reference an instructional video that I created earlier: VSCode-Find-and-Replace.mp4.

A list of some links mentioned in the video is provided here:

If you’re looking specifically to install and use the regex-previewer extension check out:

Since Rootstalk code is in a private repo, I’m including the contents of my link-format.js file here:

var find_period = /\[(.+)\]\((.+)\)\./

var replace_period = /[$1.]($2) /

var find_comma = /\[(.+)\]\((.+)\)\,/

var replace_comma = /[$1,]($2) /